Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hook was this months Schnibbles and you can find the pattern here.

The half blocks were easy to make and Carrie had a great tutorial on her blog and you can find it here. The hard part was putting it together! It was a great lesson in learning patience and trying something new. I ended up using my walking foot to sew this together just to get over the bulky seams. I don't think it came out to bad!

On a little side note my guilds biennial quilt show was last weekend and I received two ribbons! I got a third place ribbon for my Lincoln Schnibbles and I got a first place ribbon for my Farmer's Wife Quilt!! I was just thrilled with my ribbons! We had 240 quilts in our show and there were some really awesome quilts on display. I will try and post pictures of the quilts later next week.

If you get a chance please check out the Schnibbles parade over at Sherri and Sinta's blogs.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. How awesome that your Lincoln got a ribbon too! (I already saw about your other quilt on IG.) I'm also glad to hear that you had lumps in your Hook, too.

  2. Your Hook quilt turned out great!
    Congratulations on receiving those 2 ribbons at the show! Both quilts look beautiful!

  3. Judy that was my biggest problem too...sewing over the bumps!you did a lovely job and congratulations on the ribbons!

  4. Nice version of Hook. Congratulations and Wow on your Farmer's Wife quilt. I can see why you won first place!

  5. Congratulations on first place! That is awesome. Well, the farmers wide is an awesome quilt! I think your hook looks fine. My sewing machine is a Pfaff which has dual feed so I'm always sewing with the equivalent of a walking foot. Wouldn't have it any other way now.


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